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2009-09-17 01:52:57 by Jereminion

hello i am making new game. it is similar to my john lennon vs the horde but it will be alot better. /6537_newzombiegame.php

this is it so far. mouse/wasd to control.

here are some comparisons and things to do compared to john lennon game
-more than 2 normal zombies
-body parts breaking off
-exploding corpse if body is destroyed
-blood splatters
-future theme(he has armor to protect from zombie bites, they can still beat him up though)
-level up system like castle crashers beard battle. i want you to be able to use a gun and get experience with it until it upgrades itself. i will have different guns and melee weapons too. the melee weapons should level up also.
-zombie bosses
-alot more weapons
-larger stage
-better animations

i got offered 150 to make a game like this so i am making it(taking my time though)

tell me what you think. /6537_newzombiegame.php


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2009-10-21 20:54:20

150 isn't much dude :(
You can get alot more if you did that much stuff,
at least 1000$
They're ripping you off, don't do it :(

Jereminion responds:

damn man you got 1000 dollars for something? nice man. i just used the flash game license website that has buyers usually all the time. the only person who offered said he would give 150 for some changes since i already submit it to newgrounds :P


2009-10-22 18:14:13

Ahh I would but I don't think they're into me recommending someone...also i haven't sent them an e-mail for a long time lmao

yeah that glitch isn't hard to fix, mochi is reeeaaallly easy to use, i just didn't use it right.
yes i love as2 :)