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2010-06-02 21:05:59 by Jereminion

Well it has come to the time to end my blogging career on newgrounds. I thought I could happily keep posting new things in my blog like it was meant to be, but as an activist, it is my job to bring urgent matters to everyone's attention. That is why I am sacrificing my ability to blog newer material for this breaking blog report forever.

What caused this blog post? Here it is

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 4 days. You have 3 days, 7 hours, 49 minutes and 6 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: Making it a habit to troll in the thread "Official Bf: Bad Company 2 Thread". This behavior is unacceptable and against multiple BIG ONE rules. ~Mal

Please read the BBS rules.

This is not the first ban I wrongfully received on newgrounds. Check my blog/post history for more power abuse. Even more recently was the time I was removed from scouting in the art portal. I made a topic in the Wi/Ht section of the forum asking why I had my scouting privileges taken away. It was because some of my scouts were of low quality. Are these moderators the creators of the universe? No. But are they part of the Neo Nazi party? Perhaps. Why would I say this? It is a bit extreme, but how dare they have the audacity to believe they are the authority of what is and is not art. Please moderators, for your lack of education and to help relieve your ignorance, look up some of the work by Marcel Duchamp and other artists of surreal and minimalist art. I should not even be the one offended by them removing my scouting privileges, the artists I scouted should be offended that they were not 'good enough' for these moderator's opinions. Apparently there is an invisible high bar set for artists on this website.

But again, what is this site's motto? Is it not 'Everything by Everyone?' The flash portal even celebrates the 'Turd of the week' by posting the worst flash that made it. Anyone can submit to the flash portal and the voters allow it to stay on newgrounds based on voting. This is how all other parts of the site should be. When you have corrupt moderators running this site, no wonder you guys are having a drop in users.

One notable example is how Jamoke was demodded for abusing his power. One bad mad gone doesn't make an example on the rest evidently.

The motto/slogan of Newgrounds is 'Everything by Everyone.' The irony is that the moderators delete/ban/lock threads almost every time they disagree with what is being posted. It is a shame that opinions are not allowed on this website.

Along with the invisible quality line that you must pass for the art portal, there is another problem with the corrupt moderators on the forum. They not only ban you for a ridiculous amount of time without warning, they also delete your post and dismiss your post as 'trolling.'

What is trolling? If you asked a person who does not use the internet often, they would have no idea or think it was a monster under a bridge, so I turn to Urban Dictionary; a fine example of a site run by voting and not corrupt moderators like newgrounds. The definition is "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument"*

My recent ban was due to 'trolling.' As I can remember (can't check now, the moderators get rid of evidence on their dying forum) I posted my opinion of Battlefield Bad Company 2. I made posts like 'People still play this game?' and 'People only like this game because they are bad at good games like modern warfare.' Is it such a bad thing to have an opinion? Apparently for these corrupt Neo Nazi moderators. What I was trying to achieve with these posts was the influence for new gamers not to try this game. I must have hurt the moderators feelings or did not have the same opinion, so I was 'trolling.' But what is wrong with this whole picture? I posted negative things about the game in the thread, and I was banned. What about the flash games and movies that make fun of video games even more harshly and inappropriately? Queers of War, for example, is one game that is similar to my posting. Both are making fun of the game negatively, and yet the only person who is criticized is the non-moderator.

Part of the accused 'trolling' is meant to cause argument. Of course I was trying to make an argument. That is the whole point of a forum, to discuss things and argue. The blog is the thing used for stating things without arguing because of a single person in the spotlight to just be heard. But as I have been banned for trying to cause argument, that is one of the things these hard headed moderators do not understand. If you ever get into an argument with another user where you do not agree with each other(shocker), then it is dismissed as trolling. Well good luck trying to run a forum based on a single opinion and trying to weave out the people who disagree. Oh wait, Hitler tried that with the Jews. All the newground users are sheep in a similar regime.

Well, newgrounds, you are a great site but your moderators have succeeded in another threat against your livelihood. They are driving people away with their oppression of expression. A few days ago I was unsure about the decrease in users until now. It's the moderators fault, even more, Tom/Wade Fulps' fault for appointing them. I most likely will stop posting on these forums to deal with less hypocrisy and corruption by these moderators until they are all demodded. Occasionally I will post in the flash forums for help and post more flash games/movies. I'm going to keep posting flash games and movies because of the ads and revenue, one thing this country is devoted to. Capitalism. That's one thing this site is improving on, and I am happy about as an American on an American website. I guess I will have to go to a better American site(, and even that is a low bar) that allows freedom of speech, that isn't run by corrupt hypocrites like Malachy, Poozy, 36holla and others that are no longer important for me to care about. You may think you are doing your job well, and the users may think you are doing your job well by just following the forum rules, but so did the Germans with the Nazi. Cya sheep.

* .php?term=troll

I did not proof read this.


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2010-06-02 21:20:16

You got banned for 4 days. Jesus christ. HOW WILL YOU LIVE?


2010-06-02 21:49:44



2010-06-02 22:30:00

good riddance, please evacuate in an orderly fashion, please keep your arms and legs tucked in, you are about to be fired.....from a cannon


2010-06-02 22:30:27

I'll tell you what,
If you don't like the forum: LEAVE IT



2010-06-02 22:30:56

No, Jereminion, you are just a faggot, no one gives a shit about you, your blogs, or your gay five-second animations, nor your shitty art. If you leave, NG will be a better place, and the homies and I on Stickam, can live better lives :P.


2010-06-02 22:32:36


I replaced my give-a-shit meter with the powerful shit-giving-mobile, sadly, it just ran out of gas reading this.


2010-06-03 00:04:09

Heil Fulp!


2010-06-08 10:12:33

As a conservative libertarian, I find your interjection of nazi facisim into the management of a private business to be unjustified. Newgrounds is not a government institution, it is a private company that has every right to "moderate" its content in order to keep its customers comming back.
If they deletes a post of brilliant genius from their forums, customers may chose not to return, resulting in loss of profit. Judging by newgrounds' success, I have reason to believe that maybe your posts were deleted because they were indeed a waste of badwidth. I understand you're the type of close-minded cunt who has a death grip on his own personal opinion, but have you ever thought that maybe if 99% of people disagree with you, you might be the one that's wrong?
Oh, and "BF2:BC is better than MW" is just an opinon; you can't call it an argument unless you have some kind of evidence/theory/facts to back it up.


2010-06-10 23:53:25

As always I agree with Danny88, you have been officially owned. Damn, I read every word and I laughed, you are such a crybaby: Descouted and banned is only a limit for attention whores like you.


2010-06-10 23:54:52

I also agree with tcc85811


2010-06-11 16:42:36

cool story bro

oh wait no it isnt


2010-06-20 12:19:31

U must be a gayfish!


2010-07-15 15:16:44

Dude, it's just malachy that has a problem with bans. He bans like a faggot, and doesn't even know half the stuff he does. He is literally the worst mod on the forums today. If you get unfairly banned, chances are it's malachy that does it.


2010-08-15 18:28:25

I keep laughing at your faggotness.


2010-09-01 00:38:23

I will never EVER stop laughing at someone as retarded as you!