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i cant believe i got blammed

2010-04-13 18:15:57 by Jereminion

my latest game got blammed HOW CAN SHE BLAM?

youtube poop

2010-01-19 13:41:13 by Jereminion

super cool

You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 5 days. You have 19 hours, 27 minutes and 26 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: "hey we can discuss heroes plot holes here until a mod deletes this topic again." ~Jamoke p.s. - no, I did not delete your first topic. So please, don't pm me with tears and a waste of my time. *Edit*" hey i would join but i am afraid someone will delete my gun for no reason like they do my threads" - butthurt in the first degree.

He is a liar, he is hungry for power, he has no morale, and no one likes him.

Jamoke: Forum Moderator: abuses his power! READ THIS

2009-11-19 22:55:46 by Jereminion

Jamoke the moderator is abusing his power. I posted a modern warfare 2, religion, and Heroes tv show thread and this is what happened when I tried to reply:

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 3 days. You have 2 days, 5 hours, 28 minutes and 32 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: "hey we can discuss heroes plot holes here until a mod deletes this topic again." ~Jamoke p.s. - no, I did not delete your first topic. So please, don't pm me with tears and a waste of my time.

how did i break the rules? the reason for banning is because he is lying about deleting my first topic. i am fine with mods abusing their power with deleting threads but he is banning for no reason. this site needs moderators who arent abusing their power.

METAL SLUG!!! flash!!!!!

2009-10-23 17:40:30 by Jereminion 4

wasd to move
y to shoot
u to jump
i to throw bombs

i feel like making a metal slug game in flash.....

post something if u are an artist/animator and want to make a flash game. i will code. it will be a platformer


2009-09-17 01:52:57 by Jereminion

hello i am making new game. it is similar to my john lennon vs the horde but it will be alot better. /6537_newzombiegame.php

this is it so far. mouse/wasd to control.

here are some comparisons and things to do compared to john lennon game
-more than 2 normal zombies
-body parts breaking off
-exploding corpse if body is destroyed
-blood splatters
-future theme(he has armor to protect from zombie bites, they can still beat him up though)
-level up system like castle crashers beard battle. i want you to be able to use a gun and get experience with it until it upgrades itself. i will have different guns and melee weapons too. the melee weapons should level up also.
-zombie bosses
-alot more weapons
-larger stage
-better animations

i got offered 150 to make a game like this so i am making it(taking my time though)

tell me what you think. /6537_newzombiegame.php

hello here is my review of how it works and what i like or dislike about it.

i tried to update the review on newegg, but thats impossible apparently. i put my email there for people to ask how i liked it after i tried wow and adobe products on it. instead of emailing them all back a unique message about the personal performance they want to hear, i can just put it all here and send them a link.

i tried world of warcraft here are the FPS
dalaran- 4 fps
questing in a low population area- 17-20 fps
flying on epic mount- 21 fps(far above ground with view distance lowest)

you can easily play wow on this if you are doing dailies or leveling an alt. it does not do good in pvp or in large population areas. i have done 5 mans AS DPS since tanking and heals require a good reaction time and that would be hard with these fps rates.
i tried microsoft word.
well it runs pretty much like any other capable computer in the world. really smooth. no other things to say since it runs so well.
tried adobe flash cs4
it takes a long time to load, it takes a long time to export movie when you play it and takes a long time to open things. some games it will run really slow. also, with flash player 10, it runs flash games and movies slow on the internet. i wouldnt suggest using flash on this unless it is a small project( i like to make games though)
tried windows 7
it runs really well. i think it look alot better, transitions are better. it feels much more responsive than windows xp, and probably 5x better than windows vista. i am using windows 7 ultimate. there are a few issues though. the battery life is decreased heavily. it seems there is an average of 5-6 hours instead of 10 when using windows 7. also the volume controls stopped working with windows 7. i also could not disable the mouse pad after i installed it. i use a bluetooth mouse so i want to disable it. maybe i can go into device manager and update drivers. finding drivers online is a pain also, the asus website is always 'busy'
tried bluetooth devices
i have a rocketfish mouse and keyboard i can add to the netbook. they work really nice and feel very responsive on the small screen. i would hate to use the mouse pad. if you ever paired up a keyboard to windows xp, you would know you had to type a secret pair of numbers to pair it up. on windows 7 you need to do the same but it pretends you havent pressed anything until you pressed enter. i figured that out after a while though. no point in a keyboard on this machine though unless you are putting a monitor with this netbook.
tried 2 gb ram upgrade.
you have to wedge the ram protection pad off the bottom. it feels like it will break but it wont. then you take the sides off the old ram and pull that out. then you ram the old ram in. if you dont, it wont read the ram and the screen will just be black. there is not much of a difference between 1gb ram and 2 gb ram on this since you are only doing basic things on a small processor.

it cost 30 dollars. it was the crucial 800..something... on newegg for the 200 pin
tried itunes
it runs just like any other machine. i downloaded watchmen digital copy(with bluray version it came free). you must have all other programs closed it seems to get smooth playback. it runs well sometimes and poorly other times for no reason.
you can easily find wireless connections and have a quick connection even with a long range. there is one issue i have. in my dorm there is a access point that involves a username and a password to log in rather than just a password. on my other laptop i can easily just type in a username but on my netbook it attempts to just log onto it. it is a horrible problem, i need to use an ethernet cord.
youtube SD and HD
standard definition is like any other computer. it runs ok. HD on youtube is almost unplayable. it is choppy and sometimes doesnt even play for a few seconds. standard is just as good though; because of how small the screen is.
windows 7 and programs/drivers
this is not really a personal netbook issue or related to this netbook but i will tell you about installing drivers with windows 7. i tried to install a printer on my netbook with an online driver. i tried a xp version and vista version. neither worked. then i searched the internet for a resolution and found that i had to install a different printer version for this one to work..i had a 2575 photosmart, and installed the 2600 driver and it worked. i had to go to the device manager and update driver though. it detected the local file and allowed me to print.
battery life
this is probably the biggest selling point for this netbook. theres no point in having a netbook really unless it had a long battery life, or else you could just get a normal laptop for probably less. it is advertised for 10 hours of battery life. with my personal style of using this netbook, it only lasts 5 hours. i usually have brightness on full, itunes up for music, and firefox open. sometimes i play wow too. 5 hours is fine for college since your classes at most last 3 hours and your dorm is nearby. this netbook with windows 7 works really hard to save battery life but it still only has about 5 hours of life. im sure you could get 10 hours if you put it on lowest brightness and only use notepad with windows xp but lets just be realistic with our use and say 5 hours.

if you have any questions i can update this if you comment below.

hello i am looking for sites to advertise my game for free (or money if you want 8-))

i want to put my john lennon and smoke shop games on different sites.

here is my best game

i already applied to put it on break. they didnt reply yet. i was gonna put it on ebaums(even though that place sucks.) and their uploader is broken for flash games. i tried addicting games but they never replied also. i just have it on here and kongregate. pm me or contact on aim/msn if you want to put it on your site i have the .swf.

1 N33D Y0U12 H31P!!!!11111

2009-08-22 21:41:20 by Jereminion


nvm no one wants to help i guess i will put it of until Halloween


hello do you want to help make a flash game!???? you can!!

i am making a flash game that has scary images an videos in it. i am doing some videos, and i have 2 volunteers to help also.

it is going to be a game about how tough you are. the more you can watch and withstand scary images, the higher your score is. you can submit the score online.

as far as the game design goes, that is fine and all taken care.

i am putting ad revenue in also; but i am asking the people who are helping with the videos and images to do it for free. i will give them all credit for helping. am i greedy for not giving them some of the money? with ads, you only make about .50 cents per 1000 views(some are skipped also). when you submit a flash game on newgrounds, you usually only get about 1500 views then it is dead (unless you make such a good game it goes on the front page).

so here is where you can help!!!

i am looking for some videos and images that are really scary. you must be the original creator since i need permission for ad revenue. if you want to submit some scary stuff, contact me through aim, msn or pm or email.

how should the video be?----------------------
either .avi or .mpeg format, i can edit it like that then put it in flash
no longer than 10 seconds each. there will be many videos on the flash.
i would prefer some scary stuff like abandoned houses..basements..dark alleys..strange figures(you know..) instead of stuff like vomit, real blood or dead people(hopefully you wouldnt be able to make that possible either).
also- for sound-if you do screams or random high pitch noises, do not make them so loud they will hurt your ears. it is ok if it is loud to scare someone but if i hear it breaking my speakers that is a problem.

must be 550x400 resolution
jpeg prefered with less than 100kb size

i need other help besides the videos and images. currently i put one video in my flash that is only 8 seconds long, and yet it is 1.3 MB .swf size. i dont know how to make the size smaller( i need to though since there will be many videos). please contact me if you know how.


here is my video example. i did it at a mcdonalds at 4:00 am on my 2.0 MP cellphone camera. i did some black and white editing and distortion. then i put a blurred figure walking to the camera in flash. /74602_scarygame.php

it is corny; but that is an example and i will make more that are better. this is just a creepy video. i would like it if you made some videos of something like that....then 5 seconds in a FACE POPS UP AND YELLS.