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mochi ad accept

2009-08-04 00:12:51 by Jereminion

UPDATE 2: i got my smoke shop game sponsored too. check that out..

if u want to contact me on msn my email is

UPDATE: i didnt know mochi ads gave you a free leaderboard feature. i added the leaderboard in the game, and im #1 (Since im the only one to play it). there are awards for 1,100 and 500 zombies killed on mochi leaderboards.


this is my game that got accepted for mochi ads!!!

first time

please leave comments on that page or here about the game. im not gonna update it, im working on a new 1 you can find here. /84863_smokeshopdefense.php

its gonna be a lemonaid stand game for smokers, just ignore the cigarette launching gun
here is the latest version of the smoke game /20096_smokeshopdefense.php

also, i dont see any comments on the game page about my game so visit my game, play it and leave comments please 8-)

well truthfully i discovered the mochi ads after i submit the game and before i got 1300 views or w/e. i could have made at least 1.50 dollars instead of the 3 cents i have now. o well i guess i have to advertise my next game better and use ads in the beginning..or get sponsored 8-)

mosquito man

2009-07-20 20:07:12 by Jereminion

this is my latest game /69304_fightgame2.php

u can just fly around for right now..

this is what the character is based on that i drew

o also if you want to give advice or suggestions for the game or some aspect of the game like enemies or story you can post here 83407

mosquito man


2009-02-24 13:27:35 by Jereminion

PLAY MY GAME AND LEAVE COMMENTS /48389_weirdshootercs41.php

latest project

2009-02-21 00:45:56 by Jereminion

my latest project is gears of war FBF animation. it is uncolored right now but has sounds /1484_gearsofwarchainsaw1.php


2007-10-26 19:58:01 by Jereminion

hes so cool